Testimonial Sales Manager Europe

Sales Manager Europe: Danielle Glorie

‘After obtaining my degree in Business Economics, I wanted to find a challenging position with a midsized international company. My goal was to work in a B2B environment in an interesting industry.

I found the exact challenge I was looking for in the position of Sales Representative at Bunge Loders Croklaan. It was an excellent junior position where I became familiar with all aspects of the sales department. Both the food industry and the products that we produce appeal to me, and the supply chain is very interesting as well.

After some time I was promoted to the position of Key Account Sales Representative: This gave me the opportunity to work with several large multinationals. The experience I gained in this position made it possible for me to develop myself and my next step was a position as Junior Sales Manager. I learned many new things by working closely with my colleagues, which allowed me to advance to my current role as Sales Manager Europe.

My job is very diverse, what I like most is customer relationship management. I also enjoy further expanding my knowledge about our products and applying that knowledge to projects with customers. My expectation for the future is that I will continue to learn and develop myself at Bunge Loders Croklaan.’















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